We have arranged for three of the top Nordic Instructors to teach at the International Summer Camp 2014: 

                          Anja Christiansen (DK), Lina Pettersson (SE) and Johanna Allanach (DK).

When? Friday 8th of August (check in from 15.00-17.00) until Sunday 10th August at 16.00.


What?  Freestyle, Heelwork to Music, choreography, acting. You and your dog – the whole weekend!

Apart from the teaching, there will be activities on the Friday and Saturday nights!

Price: 2200 SEK for handlers with dogs. 1000 SEK for observers. Food and lodging is not included in price.  Entries:

For more info or questions: (Lina)

The groups will be split into levels/disciplines (Heelwork or Freestyle). There will be group and individual time.

In the Heelwork we will be working on precision and technique in the 10 positions. Focus will also be on motivation and attitude. In the Freestyle we will be working on creativity, precision and degree of difficulty of moves and links.

Also during the weekend there will be lessons in drama and the theatrical aspects of performances.

Anja is a certified clicker instructor. Anja has competed in HTM and Freestyle since 2006 – when the sport became official in Denmark. Anja has a border collie, Queeny, who enjoys HTM and Freestyle, Rally Obedience, agility and herding. Queeny and Anja have represented Denmark on the HTM Team since 2009. They have won Individual Gold at the Nordic Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2013. In 2012 and 2013 they won Individual Gold at the European Championships. Queeny also holds the titles Danish Rally Champion, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Nordic HTM Champion. Anja is a HTM and Freestyle judge and she also teaches in the sport in Denmark and abroad.

Lina has trained and competed with dogs since 1997 in a variety of sports including freestyle, herding, HTM, agility, obedience, tracking, breed shows and flyball. In many of these sports she has outstanding results with her own and handled dogs. With Zing she has, amongst other titles: Obedience Champion, Agility Champion and Freestyle Champion titles.Lina is a certified agility freestyle and SBK instructor. She is also a trained show manager and freestyle judge. At the moment Lina educates new freestyle trainers. From 2009-2012 Zing and Lina have represented Sweden on their National Team in Freestyle. They have 2 individual silver placings, two team silver, and an individual 9th place at the World Championships. As Swedish National Winners they have been to Crufts twice (2009 and 2011) – there they had a 5th place as best result. From 2012-2012 Lina completed a 2 year acting degree and is active in “Varmlandstheatre”’s productions. She brings her knowledge and drama exercises from the theatre to help Freestyle and HTM teams develop their choreography and stage presence. In 2012 Lina started her coaching education at Scandinavian Leader College.

Johanna has a broad education in dog sports. In 2009 she completed the five level Operant Conditioning course offered by Bob Bailey. She is a certified instructor in obedience, agility, freestyle and rally. Johanna has competed in many dog sports since 1991 and has finished Champions in agility, obedience, freestyle, HTM and in the breed ring. She has competed on the National Teams in Agility and since 2008 represented Denmark on the Freestyle Team in The Nordics, OEC and the World Championships. Johanna has competed in Crufts in agility (2009) and in the International Freestyle (2010, 2012, 2014). Soda is Johanna’s freestyle competition dog. They have been at the Nordics 6 times, in the finals all 6 times and their best result was Individual Bronze. She was the first Swedish Freestyle Champion and the first Nordic Freestyle Champion. Soda is also a Danish and Nordic Freestyle Champion.



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